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COVID-19 Resources

Congress has passed legislation to help employers and employees navigate these difficult times. This legislation includes requirements for certain employers to provide paid sick and family leave for specified reasons related to COVID-19. The legislation also includes refundable payroll tax credits for employers to help with the costs of providing the sick and family leave. Below are links to the IRS, Department of Labor, and other resources dedicated to this legislation. These webpages will be updated with the most recent information as it is released. If you have any questions about this legislation, filing deadlines, or other matters related to these developing circumstances please contact Jim Fairchild, CPA at 225-231-8627 or at jimfairchild@dnbcpas.com.

Congress is finalizing legislation that will provide loans, grants and forgivable loans. Please contact your banker now to find out what will be available and where to apply. Here are some helpful links to SBA resources (Small Business Administration)-


There are many great sites on the Web, but trying to find those great sites can be a frustrating experience. DAIGREPONT & BRIAN, CPAs, APAC compiled a list of websites that we have found to be helpful sources of information. When you click on a link, a new window will pop up. Close the window when you are ready to return to this page.